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Is it a priority for you to help the lives of a couple who are unable to bear a child by themselves? I would like to serve your needs by providing the seed with which you can fulfill your goals. We could create a cooperative agreement by which all people involved would benefit. Does that seem reasonable to you? My needs are to fulfill the requirement of me stated by God in his Torah to be fruitful and multiply.


I would like to help bring a child into the world and then to find a wonderful home and family into which to place the infant. As the child grows, some contact with them is of interest to me. An open adoption, uncle or cousin would be great. A couple desiring to adopt may very well value knowing that the biological father as well as mother of their child is available for the degree of contact that they may choose. A contribution of genetic material from someone with my attributes may influence the couple to be interested in working with the two of us.


Assistance and incentive which the intended parents may be willing to offer would be yours to decide and receive.


I would value the opportunity to meet with you to enhance my understanding of your childbearing plans and learn about your goals, objectives and vision for the future, in order to determine how (or whether) we can cooperate in a relevant and meaningful way sometime in the future.

One of the accomplishments of medical technology is In Vitro Fertilization whereby viable embryos can be created outside of the womb of the birth mother. If you would want to use my sperm to fertilize your eggs in an IVF procedure, after having completed your family building plans, I would be interested in receiving the remaining embryos and keeping them cryopreserved. That may enable another woman or couple to enhance their lives with a child which would be born from our contribution.



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