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There are several options of interest to me which may fit with your life plans. Besides this, I would be pleased to be able to provide a woman or an infertile couple with the opportunity to have a child. Alternatively, if a woman is interested in being a surrogate to enable a childless couple to be parents, I would be happy to provide seed. Though I would prefer to have some contact with the child as an uncle, cousin or even in an open adoption scenario, I am willing to consider other choices. If you are a single woman with or without children who would like to have another child, I would be interested in speaking with you.

Born in the USA
Spent 24 Years in Israel
Mensan (High I.Q. Society)
B.A. Biology UCSD

Jewish Studies Jerusalem, Los Angeles, New York
Family Heritage tracing back to David and Shlomo

Musical Studies Privately, Hebrew University Jerusalem and Santa Monica College
Professional Musician and Entertainer with 20,000 hours of performances

Film, Television, Newspaper, Magazine, CD's and Book credits
Publisher and Writer
Politically Active Religious Zionist
Creative Problem Solver
5 feet 11½ inches
Brown Hair
Red-Brown Beard
200 Pounds

Father was an M.D.

Mother was a Professional Athlete

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